It would, first of all, be radical to understand what is meant when we talk about bail bonds and try to expound what it entails as far as the law is concerned. A bail bond is a covenant normally written in form by someone who promises to act in place of someone else. This involve an agreement of amount of money that the specific person is supposed to pay in court in case the person whose supposed to appear in court fails to do so for the proceedings at the specified time and date. In terms of the law, bail bond is used to obtain the release of someone waiting for the specified date of Judgment. What this literally means is that the accused will be free during the days before he or she faces the judgment of the law. The person who will stand in for them is normally a family member or a friend who has the ability to pay a specified amount of money to the court incase the individual fails to appear for the court proceedings. This method of court process has been realized to have quite several advantages and to benefit both the court and the individual in so many ways. This article is here to take your trough some of the benefits of bail bond to the two parties.

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