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Getting arrested is a terrifying experience and it only gets more overwhelming when you can’t afford to make bail. Bails are set within 48 hours after your arrest, the sooner you make bail, the quicker you’ll be freed.

Bail offers you a chance at freedom; they are granted to those who have been arrested for petty crimes and misdemeanors. The purpose of bail is to give people the opportunity to build a case for themselves from outside of jail as they await their hearings.

During this time, the defendant can go back to their daily lives. They can continue their jobs, spend time with their families and work with their attorneys.

Lee Calhoun Bail Bonds Services in Starke, FL

Bail bondsman like Lee Calhoun pay bail on behalf of defendants who can’t afford to do so themselves. We allow defendants to keep their jobs, pay their rent and bills, and spend time with their families while they wait for their scheduled court dates.

When in jail, defendants can meet with their lawyers for a limited time, but after bail, they can meet their attorneys whenever they need to.

Arrests can be made during any time of night or day, so we offer 24-hour bail bonds services for our clients; the sooner you contact us, the sooner we can have you out.

Bail Bonds Premiums

We charge you a small fee of 10% for the bail bonds services we offer. In most cases, you can pay half the amount when you hire us and pay the other half using one of our payment options. We’re not looking to overwhelm you with expenses; our goal is to give you a chance to regain your freedom.

Why Us?

We’re proud of what we do. We don’t judge you or ask you questions unnecessarily—that’s the court’s job. We’ll simply help you in your time of need. You can count on us to work efficiently and quickly so you can be home as soon as possible.

About Lee Calhoun Bail Bonds Services

Lee Calhoun Bail Bonds is owned by an experienced bail bonds agent with over two decades of experience under his belt. Through his career, Lee Calhoun has bailed out hundreds of clients in several cities including Ocala, Marion County, Gainesville, and Starke, FL.

As one of the most reputable bail bonds agents in the business, Lee Calhoun has great knowledge of the court system and bail process in Florida. His advice, both before and after bail has helped many defendants get their lives back on track after their initial arrest.

What We Cover

Lee Calhoun offers reliable bail bonds services in Florida for felonies, traffic violations, misdemeanors, surety, immigration, federal violations and fiduciary duty breaches. If you have been granted bail, we can have you out within 48 hours with our timely services.

ASAP Service

Lee Calhoun has been working for years as a bail bonds agent; having helped the community make bail for their loved ones. With a commitment to serving the society at large, Mr. Calhoun helps all his clients avoid unnecessary jail time regardless of the charges brought against them.

With his vast experience in the industry, Lee has a system that streamlines the bail bond process to get his clients out of jail as soon as possible.

If you’re in Starke, FL and are looking for a local bail bondsman, Lee Calhoun is your man! At Lee Calhoun Bail Bonds, we’ll give you the professionalism and compassion you need during this tough time.

Call us today @ 1+(904) 263-6077 to start the bail process.

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