Benjamin C. Rosenshein from Gainesville, FL was jailed on Thursday April 30th, after he was accused of harassing his ex-girlfriend and smashing a window in her home.

32 year old Benjamin C Rosenshein was angry his ex-girlfriend did not reply with a thank you for flowers that he had left on her front door while she was at work; they had ended a 3 year relationship. The Gainesville Police Department states Rosenshein, in his anger sent 30 texts and made phone calls expressing his fury.unnamed

The police report states that during his state of rage he visited his ex-girlfriend again and tore a screen door from its hinges. He later decided to return but with a new screen door. He ordered his ex-girlfriend to exit her house, but she feared for her safety and refused.

Her refusal made Rosenshein even angrier and he proceeded to bend a screen from a window and then used his fist to shatter the glass all the while screaming obscenities toward his ex-girlfriend and he repeatedly told her he would kill himself. His ex-girlfriend told him to leave her property.

Rosenshein has allegedly been stalking his ex-girlfriend for at least two years and has previously threatened to kill her and her young son. These stalking incidents have led to two arrests, according to court records from Alachua County, but he has not been convicted. The arrest occurred in August of 2013 and July of 2014. As of May 1st he was in county jail custody in lieu of a $125,000 bond. It is not known if he plans to speak with a and post bail.

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