Lee Calhoun Bail Bonds, is a family owned and has been in business in Gainesville Florida for over two decades. Let us offer our expertise in guiding you through the process of getting your loved one, family member or friend out of jail. Our staff will treat you with professionalism & discretion. We will keep you informed of all upcoming court dates as well as any changes to these court dates.

Best Bail Bonding Company Around!

Once you decide to contact us, you’ll quickly realize why we’re considered the best in the business. We always go the extra mile for each client. Even if the case is somewhat unconventional or the court has ordered specific stipulations to be followed, we can help you manage it effectively. We can send you an alert before your court dates, keep you updated on future court dates and are always available when the court requests us to be present in court with you.

Bail agents must be solicited for bail directly by the arrestee, the arrestee’s attorney of record, or an adult friend or family member.

Our professional staff are trained to get your loved one released from custody with the minimum amount of paperwork and time needed. We understand your needs,

If needed, we will work with you on making financial arrangements. Call us now for help.

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