Lee Calhoun can get you out in no time! For over 15 years, Lee has helped people with flexible options here in Gainesville, FL. Lee understands that when someone you love or yourself is in trouble, you want yourself or your loved one out promptly. Well, with Lee Calhoun’s Bail Bonds, 24 hours is all you need! He serves all of the following: Alachua, Marion, Union, Columbia, Levy, Gainesville, Ocala, Williston, Starke, High Springs, Bradford, and Archer.

Lee Calhoun is the most reputable bail bond company in Gainesville Florida. His services include a wide array of bail bonds, such as: misdemeanor bail bonds, felony bail bonds, traffic bail bonds, surety bail bonds, immigration bail bonds, federal bail bonds, fiduciary bail bonds, appeal bail bonds, indemnity bail bonds, and signature bail bonds.

Lee Calhoun’s Bail Bonds sister company, Calhoun Cash Advance, can provide you with the money you need for the bail bond. Lee Calhoun can take care of you and your loved ones whether no matter what the situation is! He is available 7 days a week and is always ready to help! Call today to help bail out your loved ones at (352) 379-9100 !

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