When it comes to any fix-it job, people prefer a professional when they can’t do it themselves. And in regards to bail, it only takes a matter of seconds to realize if you can or can’t “do it yourself” and need to call a bail bondsman. This becomes especially important if you’d rather that you or your friend/family member didn’t wait in jail until your court hearing. So who do you call?

Lee Calhoun Bail Bonds has been serving citizens for over 15 years with professionalism and reliability. His prompt response and commitment to providing bailbonds in Gainesville, Florida is strong and steady 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Getting you or a loved one out of jail and back with family until the court date is his highest priority and is skillfully done. You may have even heard of his half-now, half-later payment policy meant to help families manage bail and stress levels.

Lee takes pride in helping his clients through the steps involved with arrest and subsequent legal proceedings so they can find some peace and calm. His expertise as a bail agent is a tremendous asset to clients as they go about navigating bail and court meetings.

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