Your friend needs bail…now what?


Imagine this: It’s 4:00 in the morning and you get a call from the Alachua Florida County Jail. On the other end of the line is your best friend, he was arrested the previous night and needs you to bail him out.  You have work in a couple of hours, and there are more days left till your next pay check than there is money. Do you post bail for your friend or not? While for some people the decision to bail a friend or family member out of jail might be an easy one, for others it’s not so easy to make that decision.

While we know that every situation is different for everyone, the fact remains that your friend is still sitting in jail and needs bail posted. Some might feel guilty that they can’t afford to post bail, while others might feel obligated because their friend helped them out in the past. Regardless of the situation it is perfectly acceptable to question whether you can afford to bail someone out of jail or not.

Bail Bonds Gainesville Florida

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If you or someone you know ever finds themselves in trouble, make sure you find the most reputable Gainesville bail bondsman. If you’ve never been in this type of situation before, you might be wondering what you need to do, and what the bail process entails. We’ll give you a hint, there is a lot more to the process than a judge sitting on the bench, banging his gavel and yelling,“Bail is set at $25,000!” Here are five things you need to know when it comes to understanding bail bonds.

Best Bailbonds Gainesville, FL

If you have one of those faces—you know, the kind where people constantly say you look like their cousin, their aunt, their dentist, some grocery store clerk—then you just might find yourself fitting the description of a criminal at some point in your life and be mistakenly arrested. And that might mean you need to post bail, which means you’ll need Lee Calhoun Bail Bonds in Gainesville, FL.

Bailbonds in Gainesville, Florida

When it comes to any fix-it job, people prefer a professional when they can’t do it themselves. And in regards to bail, it only takes a matter of seconds to realize if you can or can’t “do it yourself” and need to call a bail bondsman. This becomes especially important if you’d rather that you or your friend/family member didn’t wait in jail until your court hearing. So who do you call?

After Being Arrested -How To Get Out Of The Jail?

There is only one thing that goes in the mind of a person after getting arrested – how to get out? Here, one needs to understand the process that follows after.


When someone is charged with a crime and gets arrested, it usually takes months or sometimes even longer before the case goes to trial. Not every arrested person has to sit in the jail until the time of trial. In most of the cases, there is a process which permits the person to get free from jail in lieu of deposit, called bail.

How Bail Bonds Work? Everything You Should Know

Bail bond system allows an accused person to get out of the jail and stay free while the trial goes on. Although, every country has its own bond system, the basic motto remains the same. In this blog, we will come to know every query which arises regarding bail and the bail bond.

If any of your loved ones or friends has been arrested, most probably, you need to secure a bail bond to get them free.

Why Taking the Services of a Local Bail Bondsman in Gainesville Florida Is a Better Idea?

When a friend of the family member has been under arrest, it might be up to you to support them in getting out of jail. They only get a single phone call, and if you are the person they call, then it’s up to you to get them home. This usually means going to the Internet or the phone book to locate a bail bondsman who could work with you to secure the release of your dear ones.

How Bail Bonds Procedure Can Vary Depending On the County?

Helping somebody post bail, or being arrested yourself, is a tiresome as well as a dramatic situation that necessitates legal and financial actions along with a lot of patience. Once an individual is taken in, there are common questions that primarily arise about bail bonds and how to get released out of jail. Here are some frequently asked questions about bail bonds and the bail bond procedure.