If you or someone you know is in a situation where you are arrested, it is important to be educated on how to quickly and safely get out.

There are in fact different types of bonds which include, cash, behavior, property, and surety bonds. However, all of these are still handled by the bond agent. Each bond is already predetermined but some bail bond laws can be allowed to be raised in a certain amount of time. Also any failure to comply with your bail runs the chance of being arrested again, or at least being held.

Depending on the crime that each bail is set for, bonds are separated into state and federal. The judge in your case is the one who decides the type of bail. Sometimes the judge will let you have an option of bail and if the crime is severe enough, the judge will not allow any bonds to be offered. Never forget the judge holds the power to deny your bail as well.

Bonds require your signature saying that you will abide by what the judge has ordered. It will require you to not flee, and that there is collateral in place, such as property. Also, if a cosigner is involved it is their responsibility to make sure the person that was arrested appears on their court dates.

Always make sure you do your research and become informed of the laws involved in bailing out someone who is arrested. If you or someone you  know is arrested, always make sure you call Lee Calhoun Bail Bonds and he will make sure you or your loved ones are out quickly and safely!

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