Experts agree that being arrested can lead to acute trauma. A professor of Forensic Psychology at King’s College, London, stated that being arrested is a stressful situation that can lead to anger, resentment, and more. In short, it leaves people vulnerable.

Left in this precarious emotional state years on end, issues like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder don’t take long to manifest.

PTSD: How It Affects People Who’ve Been Arrested

What makes PTSD so dangerous is that it isn’t a disorder that affects certain areas of the individual’s life; it affects every aspect: from a person’s family life to work, from their social life to their emotional health, from their mental to their physical wellbeing.

People who deal with trauma often report feeling isolated, have difficulties managing their job, are untrustworthy of people in general, and have a particularly hard time processing certain emotions.

PTSD is, after all, an emotional response to a traumatic event. What begins with shock and denial leads to more serious effects such as guilt and regret, and, at times, even rage. The body shows symptoms of physical negligence, whereas the mind tries to help you cope with it—but fails to do so.

How Can a Person Who Has Been Arrested Cope with PTSD?

There’s a lot that goes into recovery if you, or someone you know, was arrested. The mere physical shock and trauma affect their health, which is why healthy eating and treating yourself kindly are so important. Additionally, focusing on emotional recovery is also important.

Try to spend time with family and close friends and get therapy if possible. Your emotional needs are important. If you know someone who’s dealing with post-arrest PTSD, be kind to them and make them feel loved. Make them realize that life doesn’t end for them because of it, and that you’re all as accepting of them as ever.

Don’t Forget the Legal Side

The most important thing here is to ensure that the legal side is also taken care of. That’s why you need to secure bail for your loved one.

Help them find a lawyer who can clear their name. Try and get legal counsel to help them avoid legal complications in the future. Once the legal issues are sorted out and they aren’t languishing in jail, it will be easier for them to believe in themselves and move ahead with confidence.

The sooner you get a loved one out of jail, the lower the chances of them developing PTSD. Give Lee Calhoun Bail Bonds in Alachua County a call at (352) 379-9100 to get the process started.

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