Just got arrested and want to get out of jail as soon as possible? You are going to need bail bonds.

The concept behind these is relatively simple. You apply for a bail bond if you’re arrested. You’ll have to appear in front of the judge who’ll assess your crime and the evidence against you before deciding if you should be freed on bail or not.

Laws regarding bail bonds vary from state to state. Here’s what you should know about the process of getting bail in Florida:

The Process

The first thing your friends and family members will do when you get arrested is contact a bail bond company. The bail amount is based on your offense. Usually in case of minor offences it’s $5000 or less.

If you hire a bail bondsman, you’ll be required to pay them 10% of the bond amount. Depending on your situation, you may have to offer collateral. It can be anything of value like your car, house, or other assets.

After signing the contract and completing formalities, the agent will tell you what you should do. They might tell you to stay in a specific area and provide them with regular updates about your location.

You’ll also have to ensure you do not miss a single hearing. In case, you do, your agent may place a lien on your assets or have you re arrested. The court might also issue a warrant against you.

Consequences of Missing a Trial

The entire point of bail is that you’ll have to show up for your court dates. In case you don’t, the court will hold you in contempt and revoke your bail.

Your bail bond will also be in default. In this situation your indemnitor (the person who signed to be responsible for your appearance) will be held responsible for the entire bond amount.

When this happens, You must turn yourself into the authorities in order to prevent the indemnitor from being financially responsible to pay the entire bond amount. If your bond is $5000, the indemnitor will have to pay the entire $5000

Length of the Process

After you’ve been arrested, you’ll go through the booking phase. This process can last for a couple of hours and the only exception is if you’ve been arrested for driving under influence. Your agent wouldn’t be of much help in these cases until you have been in jail for at least 8 hours. After 8 hours in custody, you are allowed to bond out.

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