You might think that the most damage an arrest could do is tarnish a person’s reputation, but there’s so much more to it.

Your past record is just the tip of the iceberg; when you scratch the surface, there’s so much more: the damage runs deep, affecting everyone around the person who was arrested.

The Many Ways in Which Lives are Affected

In the event that an arrested individual is the sole bread-winner, the financial implications are the most intensely felt. The person’s family can no longer take a regular income for granted, which throws everything into disarray.

If they have sick parents at home, there may be no one to look after them. Moreover, landlords may want to kick out the family for having a charge sheet, and homelessness is a real concern.

Even employers can be heartless. In a bid to “save their reputations,” they’ll often ask an incarcerated individual to either leave or will force them to resign.

The general attitude that friends and neighbors exhibit is also unflattering, often forcing the families of these individuals into hiding.

How Children are Affected

If a person who has been arrested has children or a pregnant wife, the spill-over effect is even more forceful. Acts such as arresting a parent in front of their children can have jarring long-term effects on the child.

Seeing their parents’ wrists being slapped with handcuffs is an image that won’t leave their minds for a long time to come. Safeguarding children is an important concern—one that many psychologists are looking into.

Children whose parents have been incarcerated experience trauma and other issues, and mental health isn’t even the end of it. A parent in jail might mean reduced money at home or no money at all.

The emotional trauma is massive. The lack of a guardian can easily lead to bullying. In fact, one of the biggest problems children of incarcerated parents face is bullying at school.

It fosters a generation of insecure and traumatized children, and the effects can stay with them for a lifetime.

Avoiding the Destruction

These days, it’s pretty easy to circumvent these problems through bail, especially in Florida. And if you don’t have money for bail, you don’t have cause to panic.

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