Anyone who breaks law is caught by the security forces and is put behind the bars. Then the law takes its course, and the court punishes the culprit as per the charges levied against him or her. However, not every individual caught by the security forces is the offender. There are moments when innocents are arrested and put behind bars.

Innocents in Jail

It is believed that many people who are put behind the bars are innocent, and many individuals in the American jails have not been found guilty of a crime. The main reason for them being in jail is that they were not able to afford bail when it mattered the most.

Also, the majority of the cases for which people are put in prison are not too serious. Even the bail bonds attached with such cases are of low-stakes set somewhere between $50 and $1000. However, unaffordable people with no jobs are unable to furnish such bonds and get their loved ones free from imprisonment.

You must be aware of how you can free your friends or known someone if they are charged for a misdeed they did not commit. This blog post helps you understand how bail bonds in Gainesville, Florida can help such people.

The Possible Jail Term

Even if the person is innocent, he or she may have to spend four months in jail, in case they or their loved ones are unable to pay bail. A judge has the sole authority of determining an individuals’ eligibility for a bail. They check the history of the suspect to know whether they have a criminal background, or he/ she is a threat to the community. In case, such evidence crop up, the judge may set a bail amount that is payable by a bail bond company that levy a non-refundable fee.

Bail Bondsman to the Rescue

A bail bondsman in Gainesville, Florida works in tandem with the family members of the suspect to help them secure a release from the jail while awaiting a court appearance. Spending time in the prison is one of the worst feelings and can break the strongest person emotionally and mentally. Therefore, you must try to get out of the jail as soon as possible because there’s no reason to remain in prison when you are sure that you are innocent. So, hire a bail bonds agency that works in tandem with the court.

Securing a Release through Bail Bonds

The bail bondsman files a bail bond in the court which works as an insurance meaning they are giving the court an assurance that the defendant will resolve the case in court. Securing a bail allows the defendant to meet lawyers and prepare the case to ensure he or she gets out of the matter scratch-free. The bail amount paid to secure the release is returned the moment trial ends irrespective of the outcome. However, the bondsman charges up to ten percent of the amount as a fee.

In The End

If you know that your known someone who has been arrested is innocent, you must instantly get in touch with a reputed bail bonds agency in Gainesville, Florida. Bail bonds Gainesville, FL will ensure a quick release of your loved ones.

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