A ton of people do not have enough money to get out of jail, and their court date could be weeks or months away. This is where bail bonds companies come into the picture.

What Bail Bond Company Does?

When a person cannot afford to pay their bail amount, they usually call a bail bonds company, which will make a decision as to whether or not they want to post the bond. They are going to take into consideration the crimes that the person has committed, their financial status, and their current employment and may talk to your friends and family to determine whether they want to bail you out or not.

Type of Bail Bond to File

Different types of bail can be filed to secure your release. However, it is up to your bail bondsman and the seriousness of your crime that determines which type of bond will be filed for your release from the prison.

Cash Bond

In a cash bond, you have to pay the entire amount of the bail via cash or credit cards. This type of bond is often granted when the judge feels you are a menace to the public. In case you do not show up in court for pre-determined hearings, the bail will be forfeited, and a warrant will be issued for your arrest. On the other hand, if you comply with the court and attend all the hearings, then you’ll get back the bail amount after sentencing.

Surety Bond

It is often referred as a bail bond. The bond is issued when you cannot afford to pay the bond set by the officiating judge. The bondsman appears in court and pledges to pay the full amount of money in case you do not make it to the court for appearances. In response of the bondsman making the commitment, he or she will charge you or your relatives a premium. If you do not appear for trial, or your family does not pay back the bondsman they could be tracked down by bounty hunters.

Property Bond

Your personal possession such as car, house, or other assets is used to ensure bail payment. Skipped court appearances are an invitation for courts to take possession of these items. Thus, you will have to forfeit the ownership to cover the cost of bail.

Personal Recognizance

A judge may decide to release someone on personal recognizance. In such a situation, you will be liable to be present in court every time during the hearing. In case you do not adhere to these conditions, you will be remanded in custody till the court gives its verdict.

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