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As we know that when an arrest is made, it is the judge who is asked to set a bail for alonger time as bail is not prohibited by the law because of the seriousness of the case. But, if bail is set excessively high, it can be meant that there is a great difference between freedom and custody for the defendants. So, mainly how does a judge determine the setting of the bail? We will get through reading further here.

Getting Informed

Initially, an informal bail bond in Gainesville Florida is set for the defendant who is arrested. If the arrested person cannot come up to the court with the amount, then a formal hearing is set where a judge will re-examine that bail. A judge can set bail in most cases, especially for the serious crimes such as murder, kidnapping, and aggravated sexual assault.

How Judges Set Bail?

From the starting, judges decide the amount of bail according to the rules of the court. Calhoun Bail Bonds in Gainesville, FL helps people with providing standard bails for specific crimes for judges to use as a reference under the series of rules created to guide the judges in making their determination. At this moment, there are a series of factors for judges to consider before setting a bail which includes as:

  • The law prescribes the seriousness of the crime with the extent of punishment
  • The criminal record and previous record on bail of the defendant
  • The reputation and mental condition of the defendant
  • Period of the accused’s residence in the community or society
  • The family ties and relationships of the defendant
  • The employment status, record of employment, and financial condition of the defendant

Other factors demonstrate as the lifestyle of the accused, bearing the risk of failure to appearin the court. These are the factors on which the judge sets bail through bail bonds in Gainesville Florida

How Does A Judge Determine To Set Bail?

Here is the explanation:

Safety of the Public

The first factor for the judge to consider ison “protection of the public” from the defendant.This says that public safety shall be the key consideration. Many people think that bail is designed to make sure a defendant should show up to the court when dated. It istrue, but the law says that to determine whether to set bail and for the period, public safety is the primary consideration.

Seriousness of the Offense

The second factor depends on the severity of the crime caused. When considering this, the judge includes alleged injury that inflicted alleged threats that were made, alleged use of a firearm used or other weapon and usage of any drugs.

The judge sets bail when they assume the charges are true. Yes, they listen to your lawyer and bail agents in Florida when discussing the facts of the case.

Prior Records

The judge hence considersthe prior convictions that the defendant may have on the records. If there are past convictions for the same crime committed, the odds of bail being setis hence increased up by the judge.

Closing Lines

Hence, the services of Bail Bonds in Gainesville, FL can help the people in getting bail easily in the court. So, you can stay stress-free for loved one who has been arrested for wrong reasons.

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