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Understanding the Responsibilities of a Cosigner on a Bail Bond - Lee Calhoun Bail Bonds Agency Gainesville Florida

You probably know how bails work and why you need to pay them, but what if you’re out of money? What if the judge gave you an amount that exceeds your funds? What if you don’t have a friend who can pay up for your bail?

You don’t need friends. You need a cosigner.

A Cosigner is Your Comrade

A cosigner is a person who, on your behalf, guarantees that you (the defendant) will uphold all the bail bond conditions. They assure that the premium that’s paid on the bond (10% of the total bail amount) is paid in full. Additionally, they’re also responsible for making sure that the defendant makes it to each court hearing. If the defendant is absent for a hearing, it’s the cosigner’s job to locate them.

What Happens to a Cosigner If the Defendant Doesn’t Appear for Court?


The cosigner is charged for the slip-up. The costs of locating the defendant—now a fugitive—is the cosigner’s. Cosigners lessen this burden by aiding bail bonds companies in finding fugitives. The off-side of a defendant taking off is that a cosigner is charged legal fees, fugitive recovery fees, and the bond. For instance, if a defendant forfeits $10,000 in bail bonds, a cosigner might be looking at $15,000 once the additional costs are accounted for.

How Cosigners Deal with This Problem

A cosigner is there for the defendant when they need them the most: to assure the court. They loan you money, which you have to pay back at a later time. Bail bondsmen are more willing to post bonds for you, because two people are responsible for your good behavior. This could be a relative or a friend. They don’t pay the full amount: they just pay the premium.

Thus, in the event that a defendant hoodwinks a cosigner, they find themselves in big trouble. Bail bonds companies usually help with this sort of trouble by helping locate the fugitive, since bail agents are experienced fugitive hunters. If you are a cosigner for a defendant and feel like the person you’re standing up for is planning to take off, don’t waste a moment. Inform the bail bonds company straight away. Giving them a heads up about the defendant’s intentions helps them prevent the escape and saves you from big financial losses.

Still Curious about Bail Bonds?

Have you been considering paying a premium for a defendant to a bail bondsman in Starke? Look no further.

If you’re still curious about the bail process in Florida, find out more about bails and bonds in the 2019 Florida Statutes. You can also benefit from the experience and expertise of Lee Calhoun and his team in Gainesville by calling us for a free consultation at (352) 379-9100. If you feel that your situation is a little more complex than that, try visiting us. We’re half an hour’s drive away from Starke.

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