While crime rates are subject to fluctuation, some crimes have stood out as the most commonly occurring in the last few decades.

Let’s take a look at what they are:

Property Crimes

When you destroy someone’s property or deprive them of it, you’re committing a property crime. ‘Property crimes’ is a very extensive term that covers something as small as vandalism to a fully-fledged armed robbery.

Property crimes are considered to be serious crimes, even if you have not physically harmed the owner of the property. The charges usually depend on the amount and value of the goods stolen or destroyed.

Property crimes include larceny, theft, snatching, robberies, and burglaries.

According to research, property crimes are more common than violent crimes, but over the past few years, the figures have been declining. As per another study published by the FBI, around seven million cases of property crimes were reported throughout the US in 2018. This might sound astronomical, but the figure was actually 6.3% lower than the proceeding year.

Impaired driving

Impaired driving is legally known as driving under the influence. Back in 2016, around 10,497 drivers lost their lives to car crashes that involved alcohol impairment. In fact, in that year, DUIs accounted for over 28% of all traffic-related fatalities.

Each year, about 111 million reported cases of alcohol-impaired driving are documented throughout America.

Alcohol isn’t the only substance that’s responsible for motor vehicle crashes. Marijuana users are also around 27% more likely to meet such accidents.

Violent crimes

As stated by the FBI, in 2018, around 368 incidents of violent crimes took place for every 100,000 citizens. According to the National Institute of Justice, a crime is considered violent if the victim is either harmed or threatened.

Common examples of violent crimes include murders, rape, sexual assaults, and other forms of assault. In fact, even a robbery could be considered violent if the homeowner felt threatened or was physically harmed.

However, things are now improving. As per the latest yearly report published by the FBI, violent crimes significantly decreased in 2018, as well as in the first half of 2019. In fact, this may have been the biggest drop in four years.

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