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Your Bail Bonds - Lee Calhoun Bail Bonds Agency Gainesville Florida

Most people don’t think they will ever end up in jail and indeed most people won’t. However, sometimes the unexpected happens and you might find yourself in a situation where you may need to bail out a friend or loved one with bail bonds. Every situation is different and each individual case has specific needs.

Your Bail Bonds in Gainesville Florida:

Most people have a hard time pulling their bail bond amount together, particularly if it is several thousand dollars, so we offer credit plans that will help you make payments on your bail amount and pay it off over time. We know that you cannot sit in jail any longer than is necessary and we are committed to moving quickly, with honesty and integrity.

Some people get out of jail because they have money, and others stay in jail because they don’t. That is especially true at the misdemeanor, nonviolent end of the criminal spectrum, where some suspects linger in jail for their inability to pay as little as $50 to a bail-bond agent.

We want to help you get out as fast as possible. With flexible payment options, we are confident we can help you out. Give us a call today.

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